Ancient Architecture

India is widely known for many things but architecture is also one among them, it is one of the earliest countries of the world with the earliest form of culture and many such things, Indian architecture is one thing to consider, The Mauryan empire created the first imprint of grand architecture in India in the way of temples, as you can see temples in every five kilometers at least.

indian ancient architecture
Kailasa Temple

Temple architecture is one of the hardest things to do than modern architecture or traditional architecture as it involves a lot of decorations and cravings, even the temple architecture varies according to place, if you look deeper into India different styles according to the states.

Woods were used as the primary architectural material in India from temples to forts until the 8th to 9th century, stones were rarely used but at the end of the 9th century, India had more architecture like forts, palaces, and temples of stones.

India saw its earliest architecture made of stones in the Mauryan empire, buildings like stupas, viharas, and chaityas are the earliest architectures in India, played a very important role in ancient India by making wider stupas which can be even found today but in a collapsed state.

indian ancient architecture
Ruins Ancient Mountain

Cave Architectures

Indian architecture is famous for its cave architecture too it is also called rock-cut architecture as rocks are cut to make a construction, cave architecture is made out of a single rock by caving it with decorations and rooms, Buddhists and Jains played an important role in making the cave architectures possible one, it is one of specialized architecture concept which can mostly found in India and it is a rare architecture concept in the entire world too.

Ajanta caves are one of the famous cave architecture found in India and it is believed to have been built in the 2nd century and 4th century again, Ajanta caves are made out of a single large cave, that served for monastery purposes in the early days, now it is a tourist place in Maharashtra.

Ajanta Cave

Shore temple in Mahabalipuram is another fantastic ancient architecture found in India and it is believed that the temple was planned and built for about 200 years, it is made out of single caves and more than seven similar architecture found in Mahabalipuram, lord Vishnu, and Shiva worshipped as main gods in the shrine.

Ellora caves are another amazing cave architecture in India, with 12 rock-cut viharas it is a gigantic rock-cut architecture that is related to Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus at various times, with cut off made from rock plateaus constructed in the 800th century and is amazing even today but a bit old but still it is gold.

Badami Rock Hill

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