Chinese Dragons

Dragon is one of the most amazing creatures that is believed to have existed in the ancient world regardless of proof, from movies to books and mythological stories dragons found their way to present and amazing human beings, china is one of the nations that has its tradition rooted with the dragon, the people of china worshipping dragon even today with strong beliefs.

Shape of the Dragon

Chinese Dragons

In science still, the dragon is an unproven creature but 2000 years ago wang fu the Chinese philosopher described the shape of a dragon which is still believed as true among the people of China, the shape of the dragon is made of nine different parts of animals like cow, snake, turtles, fish and so on. The Chinese dragon is of a different shape when compared with the world, all over the globe dragon is believed to be shaped like a snake but in China, it is believed that the dragon is of either a turtle or fish-like shape.

The Dragon Year

Chinese Dragons

In China, some years are considered dragon years and people believe that babies born in the dragon year contain the ability of a dragon or the praise of a dragon which is considered to be their ancestor.

Dragons or Gods?

Chinese Dragons

In China, it is believed that the dragon is the first creature that created humans, and some historical documents state that the god itself is the shape of a dragon and snake mixed with a fish-like structure, it is also believed that some emperors of China are from the dragon.

No 9 and Dragon

In Chinese tribal history, it Is believed that dragon is of nine different kinds and each one has a specific ability to protect the world, the number nine and the yellow color “ which is believed to be the color of the dragon” can be seen widely in Chinese Architecture and art widely.

The Dragon symbol and the number 9

In China’s ancient days’s number nine and the dragon symbol along with the yellow color were reserved for the emperors and common people were not allowed to use all the mentioned, to show the mighty of emperors the symbol, color, and number were reserved for emperors.

Dragon and weather

The Chinese dragon is believed to protect the weather of the nation and agriculture along with it, in ancient days farmers used to pray to the dragon before and after harvest, we can even witness that China is the country with most temples to honor the dragon.

Dragon dance in the New Year

Chinese Dragons

Dragon dance in the New Year is one of the most famous traditions followed by the Chinese every year, in china even boats are decorated like a dragon and they conduct a dragon boat race every year, people used to form dragon-like shapes and dance at the New Year eve every year, this tradition is followed to ward off the evil spirit and to protect them throughout the year.

Historical leader as Dragons?

Chinese Dragons

Legendary leaders like Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King, Deng Xiaoping, and Vladimir Putin were all born in Dragon Year and it is believed that because of that they became superior and celebrated by many people.

Dragon suite

Only the emperors are allowed to wear dresses with dragon symbols designed in them and it is also believed that the emperor wears the dragon symbol because they are the descendants of the dragon.

Types of Dragons and their powers

Chinese Dragons are considered of nine different types and colors and each color has a specific superpower to protect the people of China and its emperors, blue and green dragons are to protect nature and agriculture, black and white dragons are to protect the various seasons of the country, yellow and gold dragon are believed to give royal status and superior power to the emperors, finally red dragons are believed to spread and give happiness along with good fortunes to people.


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