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Facebook.……….. Birds are chirping somewhere in the jungle, sky is looking wonderful without the rooftop, while you’re reading this Facebook has about 2.45 billions of download and users at 2004 mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook to the world and the way we connect with people changed forever, it became a trend like hey, are you in Facebook, Facebook me and are you there in WhatsApp, WhatsApp me, like the Facebook changed the way of our communication with people forever, somebody from the united states get friends with an Indian and we come to know a lot about the girl who is sitting in the first bench of our classroom from Facebook, we never forget to wish our friends birthday because Facebook remembers everyone’s birthday.

Now the other side do you remember the last time you played cricket with your friends, we like people who are early millennial played from the end our school to the late-night until our mom comes and scold us harshly so that we go and sleep, but today’s kid they even know there are some games that needed to play outside, do you see the kids playing street cricket in your street and ball get into that one aunty who scolds everyone in the street and how much hard you and your friends tried to get that ball from that aunty, it’s like today’s kids are just locked themselves with this thing called Facebook and other social media’s.

Facebook play’s a very important role in education too by keeping children’s hand struck into the Facebook and not even minding what homework they have for tomorrow and then this youtube which is teaching people in a very simple way and also it keeps people dumb by the unwanted videos which keeps popping in your notification every other minute, the creator platform itself turning into a tv channel which gives heartbreaking serials, even though a lot of people believe that these social media is a good way to communicate and to learn new things it still focusing on giving you more ads behind that actual purpose of the thing they are doing, keeping people and children’s head into the mobile doesn’t going to keep them either happy or knowledgeable.

It is indeed a modern tactics to sell ads which you don’t even care about, the children who are in your home is slowly forgetting what the actual world and education means, somebody told that not all schools have four walls but today’s kid is not even moving across that four walls and a mobile phone which is gifted for their 10th birthday, what they get from that is knowing all the adult and unwanted kinds of stuff and majorly playing games to keep them playing for hours and hours, they do get frustrated, frustration at the very young age does affect the psychological condition of the children and physically they become weak too, non-focus in the education is an another important thing we need to understand before allowing the kids to play or use social media’s with them for hours, do care and keep them happy by making them use the mobile and other social media stuff limited so that they can feel the actual world which surrounds them.

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