Sports in Education

sports in education

When was the last time you remember playing volleyball or any other sports with your friends when was the last time your friends chanted your name when you were about to reach that finish line in 100 meters running race, it all started with that one maths teacher who doesn’t allow you to play sports in sports hours and taught algebra instead.

Sports are a very important part of the education system, but today some schools don’t even have playgrounds, sports help to keep the student fit both physically and mentally when a person plays any sport, his or her mind focuses entirely on the game alone, it helps them to have a dedication to winning and also encourage them to try harder, sports train people(student) to be focused in a single point at a time and also help them stay strong and fit.

sports in education

“A sound mind comes from a sound body, like that a strong mind comes from a strong body and to stay strong one must play games(sports), not only that but sports also teaches discipline which most of the highly qualified professions miss, a sport makes a person go forward and achieve his goal in life, education needs sports as one of its pillars as it helps to keep the student-focused, disciplined, to obey rules and to follow the right thing, a sportsman’s mind is trained to be an in perfect shape as it practices to be strong and to reach the destination in the right way.

If you play a sport for an hour and take some rest and then you start to read something, it’ll never get out of your mind, because your mind is in a fresh state, and no sorrows or struggles or fear about the exam comes while playing, that’s the secret of sports and games, education institutes should allow every student even teacher to play sports for at least an hour in a day so that they can feel alive at least for that time, their stress level can also be reduced while playing, like a medicine sports doing its duty perfectly but teachers or even parents don’t allow them to do so.

sports in education

While playing any game a kind of leadership, team management, punctuality, sharing also develop along, forget all the long sentences above just imagine you’re playing your favorite sport with your friends whom you shared all of your stories and that winning trophies at the end of the game, marks are important for career but how can someone with high-level stress able to concentrate on studies, a disturbed mind can never able to learn anything properly, that’s why we need to respect the importance of sports, the pressure of scoring high marks and grades keep the mind in fear and also become a cage, sports give the confidence to try even if we are going to fail, you take your own life, you’re not a running race champion but still you participate the next time, you don’t know you’re going to win or not but still you try, this gives you a great mind to try and build that confidence within you, with the same attitude one can become best in anything, a good sportsman can able to learn anything in a very short span of time as he has focus, discipline, and dedication, every educational institute should allow students as well as staffs to play, don’t hesitate to play when you see a ground next time.


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