Apartment Types

The apartment is a room or a group of related rooms among similar sets in one building used for dwelling purposes. It can also be stated as a separate room or group of rooms in a house for people to stay in. We will discuss the various Apartment types and others with different sizes of apartments.

Types of Apartments


Classic Six Apartment

A Classic Six Apartment comprises a living room, a formal dining room, two full bedrooms, a
separate kitchen, two full bathrooms, and a third smaller bedroom. This third bedroom is referred to today as a maid’s room located off the kitchen.

Classic Seven/ Eight Apartment

A Classic seven or eight Apartment comprises a living room, a formal dining room, two full bedrooms, a separate kitchen, and two full bathrooms. You get an additional one or two more bedrooms in these apartments. But such apartments are very rare to be found.

Convertible Apartment

A convertible apartment is an apartment layout that can accommodate adding another bedroom by installing a temporary pressurized wall that is usually in the living room or by adding a door to a separate dining room. A convertible apartment is a single bedroom that can or has been changed to a two-bedroom space.

Corporate Apartment

A corporate Apartment, also known as a serviced apartment is a fully-furnished place that is taken on rent for a short-term basis and aimed to help business travelers who are on the lookout for an alternative to a hotel for the long term.

Duplex Apartment

Any size apartment that has space on two separate but adjoining floors and a private interior staircase connects them. This gives maximum separation of bedrooms and other private spaces and this is quite far off from the living and other entertaining areas of the home.

Flexible Apartment

A flexible Apartment is similar to a Convertible Apartment which is already mentioned.

Garden Apartment

There are two types of homes in garden apartments. The first one is a cluster of low-rise buildings with open lawns, pathways, and landscaping. The garden apartment is also the apartment on the ground floor that has direct access to a backyard or garden.

Junior 4 Apartment

The apartment contains four distinct rooms usually with a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and finally a dining room. The fourth room is a small room that is small enough without a door that can be closed with a latch. The room does not have a window and this makes it illegal to rent or sell the unit as a two-bedroom apartment.

Loft Apartment

Loft Apartment in New York is a large open space usually without any internal walls. This is a
single commercial or industrial building that is converted into residential apartments.

Luxury Apartments


Luxury Apartments have high finish, better amenities, and high services as compared to other

Penthouse Apartment


A Penthouse Apartment is an apartment built on the rooftop with terraces having spectacular views. They are usually found on the uppermost floors of some buildings.

Railroad Apartment

The apartment is a residential unit that has a series of rooms that are lined up with each other starting from the front door to the back door. All the rooms are connected to one another by a
single hallway that runs throughout the length of the residence. Through the doorway of the hall, each room is accessible.

Shotgun Apartment

The apartment is a variation of a railroad apartment and has a series of aligned rooms that are
connected to one another without a hallway with a fold-away set of doors or a pair of windowed French doors.

These are the various types of apartments and before shifting or moving to a new apartment house, just figure out the type of apartment you chose to live in.


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