Edwardian Architecture

edwardian architecture

Edwardian architecture, a style from the early 20th century, is all about grace and charm. It came to life during the time of King Edward VII (1901-1910) and brought a fresh, elegant look after the fancy designs of the Victorian era.

In this article, we’ll explore Edwardian architecture, from cosy suburban homes to the grandeur of Edwardian Baroque. There will also be a chance to meet some talented architects who significantly shaped this period.

Edwardian Suburbia: Homes for Everyday Life

In the Edwardian era, cities grew, and suburbs became popular living places. It brought about a new way of designing homes. Edwardian houses in the suburbs were known for their red-brick walls, big sliding windows, and eye-catching triangle roofs. The goal was to create comfy and good-looking homes, often surrounded by pretty gardens. This shift from showy to practical laid the groundwork for how we design suburbs today.

Edwardian Baroque: A Symphony of Fancy

While suburban homes celebrated simplicity, the Edwardian Baroque style was about luxury and grandeur. Older, ornate designs from the 17th and 18th centuries heavily influenced this style. This chandelier was embellished with various fancy decorations, rounded shapes, and detailed details.

This style was seen in important buildings like government offices, museums, and extensive estates. These buildings, with their intricate stonework, giant domes, and fancy edges, were symbols of wealth and power.

Edwardian Style Architects: Masters of Amazing Design

edwardian architecture
Presidential House (Rashtrapati Bhavan), New Delhi, India

During the Edwardian era, some brilliant architects stepped onto the scene. They played a big part in shaping how buildings looked at the time. Sir Edwin Lutyens was one of these visionaries.

As a result of his ability to seamlessly blend classical and local styles, he became well known. As an example, look at Castle Drogo and the Viceroy’s House in New Delhi, two of his unique creations, and you will be able to appreciate his skill.

Another star of this era was Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He mixed Art Nouveau with Edwardian style in a unique way. His masterpiece, the Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland, is a shining example of his love for clean lines, creative use of materials, and careful attention to detail.


Edwardian architecture brings us back to a time of change and beauty. From the cosy homes in the suburbs to the grand and fancy Edwardian Baroque, we had a lot to offer this period. Notable architects like Lutyens and Mackintosh showed us how to blend old ways with new ideas, leaving behind a legacy for all of us to enjoy. As we admire these beautiful buildings from the Edwardian era, we’re reminded of a time when beauty and usefulness worked together perfectly.


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