Architects know a lot of things and have special skills. They can help people with essential items and even more. First, they work on doing the important things well to make a strong base. Then, they give extra help to ensure people get what they want.

Basic Architectural Services

architectural services

Basic architectural services are what architects need to do for every design. These architectural services are essential and are usually included in a standard contract. We’ll give a simple explanation of each one:


In programming, architects figure out what needs to be designed. They still need to create the actual design. They ask the client many questions to understand their needs and wants. They also do research and make important decisions during this step. It’s like being a consultant. By the end, architects have a list of everything the client wants and needs.

Schematic Design

During Schematic Design, architects start creating the basic shape of the building. They use a lot of sketches instead of formal drawings. They focus on making floor plans, site plans, and building elevations. It helps to describe how the building will look and work. Architects think about the structure, systems (like heating and cooling), interior and exterior finishes, and where the building will be. By the end of this step, they have a simple building design.

Design Development

Now that you have the basic plan, it’s time to improve it. During the Design Development phase, architects focus on specific materials. They consider what materials will look nice, last a long time, and fit the budget. It is when the client picks materials for things like countertops or shower tiles. By the end of this phase, architects have the complete design, including all the materials.

Construction Documents

In the Construction Documents phase, architects create the final product: two sets of detailed drawings. These drawings have every tiny detail and all the design parts needed for the building.

Construction Administration

During Construction Administration, the architect acts like a helper for the owner while the building is being made. They visit the construction site, test materials, and inspect to ensure the builder follows the plan and does things right.

People sometimes debate if this is a primary or extra service. Usually, architects include it as essential, but owners should ask to make sure. If the architect doesn’t include it, owners can request it as an extra service. Most owners aren’t construction experts, so having an architect helps make sure the project goes well.

Additional Architectural Services

Extra architectural services are things you don’t have to do in the main agreement. If you can offer more of these extra services, it helps your clients even more. Once you’ve got the primary job, why not ensure your clients have all the help they need? And hey, these extra architectural services also mean more money for you.

This list isn’t everything, but it’s a good start to consider what extra architectural services you could offer.

Project Management

Sometimes, owners need help with managing the project. It could be picking materials or working with others involved. If an architect offers this help as an extra service, they usually charge by the hour. It’s flexible because the owner and the architect might need to know exactly how much help will be required.

3D Renderings

Architects can create 3D models of designs using special computer programs. It helps the owner see how the building will look. It can also be used for promoting the project. Making 3D images takes extra time and money, so it’s not usually included in the essential architectural services. Some architects even have other companies do this work, and it can bring in extra money.

Interior Design

Some architects can also help with making the inside of the building look great. If the architect offers this help and the client wants an interior designer, it can be an extra service. Having architecture and interior design together from the start improves the project, with all design parts fitting well.

As mentioned, not all architects offer the same things in their primary services and extras. What extras an architect provides depends on what they’re good at. Every client should carefully read the contract to make sure the direct benefits they expect are listed, and any extra help they want is there too.


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