What is living spaces I Definition of living space

The question “what is living spaces?” has a very simple answer. Living spaces in a house or residence can be described as the spaces that are used for the common or social activities of the occupants. It is also known as the lounge room, sitting room, or drawing-room. This is the part of the house which visitors mostly see directly. It is an area for relaxing and socializing in a residential house or apartment. The area acts as a showplace and serves a variety of purposes. Activities such as entertainment, dining, recreation, family get-togethers, etc. usually happen in the living area of the house.

what is living spaces

Now that we have a brief idea about what is living spaces, let us discuss some more about what these spaces actually comprise. A living room comprises of a number of rooms that include firstly, the living area that houses the sofa and other formal/informal seating with mostly an entertainment unit on the front, a dining area where the residents of the house and their guests dine, a foyer area, and recreation space. Some big living rooms also comprise special rooms such as a home office, or a sunroom.

what is living spaces

A typical living room in a western area usually comprises furnishings and sofas. It also has chairs, tables, and shelves for various purposes such as keeping books and decorations, lights and lamps, and other such furniture. Depending on the climatic conditions, living rooms also contain fireplaces.

what is living spaces

Most people spend the most time in their living rooms as the entertainment units are mostly placed in the living area. People love to spend their day relaxing on their sofas watching television. As the living room is the central point in a house, it should have a good visual impression as it is the place where people meet. It is the first room that one usually views when we enter a house, and so people love to hang pictures and portraits in the living room instead of other rooms in the house.

People usually confuse living rooms with family rooms. Although both have similar definitions and both are meeting spaces, a family room even though is a gathering space for everyone, its furniture setting is mostly informal and kid-friendly. It is a space specifically used by the family to relax and spread out, whereas living rooms host almost all kinds of guests that come into our homes.

Hence, the answer to the question “what is living spaces?” is very simple and that is, living space is the area of a residential house or an apartment where people can sit, relax, and talk.

what is living spaces

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