The answer to the question “What is a sitting room?” seems very simple and self-explanatory, i.e. a room to sit in. It is a room where one can sit and relax. When we define a sitting room, it sounds very similar to a living room and/or family room. Living rooms in a house or residence can be described as the spaces that are used for the common or social activities of the occupants. They are large rooms, with a formal environment and are also used as an entertainment room. Family rooms are similar to living rooms, but are pretty casual in comparison and used mostly by the residents to hang out or watch movies. A sitting room can be defined as a combination of both living and family rooms. It has all the furniture and items that are placed in living and family rooms, but this room is considered an intimate space for family gatherings and relaxing. It is also sometimes used as a reading space or just a space for the family to hang out.

what is a sitting room

Now that we have a brief answer to the question “What is a sitting room?” let us discuss how to create the best sitting room space for a residential house.

To create the best sitting room space, we must make sure that the furniture arrangement is done in a proper way. Since it is called a sitting room, the seating space must be arranged appropriately.

Establishing the focal point of the room, and arranging the furniture around it is the first step of proper furniture placement. In certain spaces, the focal point is a fireplace or something with a view like a window, or a glazed wall. In other spaces, the focal point is the television or entertainment unit of the house that is only used by the family.

The seating furniture must be arranged in a way such that they face each other. This helps in creating conversation spaces and making the aura of the house cozier and more comfortable. Sitting rooms are a space for socializing among the family, so, people must be able to comfortably converse with each other without difficulty.

While arranging the furniture, we must never ever forget about movement and traffic flow. People must be able to freely move around without any difficulty and must be able to get from one side of the room to another without the furniture being a hindrance.

what is a sitting room

Mostly, people love having all the furniture backs touch the walls of the houses. But it is one of the most common mistakes people make in sitting rooms. Showing off furniture must be one of the principles of furniture arrangement, as long as the back sides of the furniture are properly finished. 

Even though, a sitting room usually features sofas and seating items like a living room, its concept is much simpler in comparison. A sitting room can be strictly used as a sitting area, but it can also be used as a home study and library. It houses storage spaces and cupboards where household items can be stored.

what is a sitting room

Hence, the answer to the question, “What are living spaces?” is a simple one and that is, the sitting area is the space in a residence or apartment where family members can be able to talk, relax, and sit.


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