Stories of the Back


Just like any other classroom stories grow in the last benches of architecture studios as well. Unlike other classrooms, architecture studios are always lively as one is allowed to be their creative self while working. Moving around just talking and working at the same time. But there is always something more peculiar about the back or the corners of the classroom. Usually, an architecture classroom has about 4 columns with 10 benches in each and is quite spacious. So these spaces are used interchangeably. Most kids in the class almost always change their positions through their 5-year course. So what happens at the back? The party people(the wild goose I would say) usually occupy these spaces. The fun-loving mood lasts for days long and never ends. So it could be said the energetic bunch who enjoy working as well as having fun can be found in this zone.

Ah and coffee! The nectar in architecture can always be found in these parts. With some sipping away from the view of others and the crunching sound of snacks never stopping. If we were to zone this based on energy, time pass, game zone, and the brains well this corner is an amalgamation of all. What someone had yesterday what series to watch, who died in the new episode of Game of Thrones, the new season of The New Girl came out, which new app to try out, what modifications to do with a bike, and the stories go on.


So the people at the back never seem to stop. It’s like all the school years never ended and it just continued to adult life. More often than so when you hear distinct conversations during lectures or sometimes presentations it is this group.

So it would be wise to say a thousand stories at the back (”back” here is not a place but it’s the people) never ends. We could have back in the front, back in the side, back in the center, or anywhere in the room. The room would light up. Studios are always lively because of the constant commotion but these ‘back’ people add the cherry on the top. Oh and did I mention the grooming love stories, yes even that is a part of this group. Regardless of how tired you are the moment you enter this zone, your mood lights up. I have experienced this thing firsthand. The useless and pointless conversation that goes on in this area always elevates your mood. The funny expressions and mimicry the upfront insult on the face in an amusing manner all of this can be abundantly found in this one space.

The back group does work as well. It may not be 100 percent but the work they put up does have sense and imagination to it. And the best part is they enjoyed it. I would not put myself in this back group but I do love to be a part of it from time to time.  After all the best memories are made at the back with the back!!


DHRUBAJYOTI ROY, the visionary behind, who holds a passion for transforming ideas into tangible and awe-inspiring structures. His multifaceted persona encompasses a love for cars & by profession an Architect.

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