Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya, India, is named the Cleanest Village in Asia for its cleanliness, beautiful natural surroundings, and unique attractions. Located on the India-Bangladesh border, this small village is home to the matrilineal Khasi tribe, who value nature greatly. Nestled within forests and hills, Mawlynnong Village is a picturesque destination that attracts visitors worldwide.

The cleanliness drive and its effect on the Village

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Mawlynnong Village’s cleanliness is a way of life for its community rather than a result of just regular clean-up drives. The initiative to make the village clean began in 2003 by the village headman, and this movement is now recognized by the government, which has awarded the village multiple times for its eco-friendliness and cleanliness. The villagers take great pride in maintaining the cleanliness of the village, with everyone playing a role in their ways. The waste management system also contributes to the village’s cleanliness, with organic waste used for composting and non-organic waste sent for recycling.

Attractions and activities

Mawlynnong Village offers unique attractions and activities worth exploring, including the centuries-old Living Root Bridge made from the ficus elastica tree’s roots trained to grow in the direction of the river, the Balancing Rock that appears to defy gravity, and various waterfalls and pools like the Dawki River popular for boating and swimming, and the Nohkalikai Falls, one of India’s tallest waterfalls. These wonders are a testament to the Khasi tribes’ sustainable living practices and respect for nature.

Accommodation and local cuisine options

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Mawlynnong Village has various accommodation options, including homestays and guesthouses Controlled by the townspeople. Visitors can experience authentic Khasi hospitality, glimpse villagers’ daily lives, and enjoy clean, comfortable, affordable accommodations. Moreover, visitors can taste traditional Khasi cuisines like Jadoh and Dohneiiong at local eateries or homestays.

Sustainable tourism

Mawlynnong Village in India is known for its sustainability and clean environment. The community has undertaken initiatives to maintain cleanliness, preserve the natural surroundings, and combat deforestation. They have banned the use of plastics, and built waste management systems, bamboo dustbins, and toilets for tourists. The village encourages responsible tourism, and visitors must follow the rules and regulations set by the community to prevent negative impacts on the environment. Mawlynnong exemplifies how sustainable tourism can benefit the local community and tourists.

Tips for visitors

“Visitors to Mawlynnong should pack light, breathable clothing that covers shoulders and knees. They should avoid bringing plastic bags or bottles as they are banned in the village. It is important to respect the local culture and avoid activities that may offend the Khasi community, such as smoking or drinking in public. Visitors should remove their shoes before entering houses or places of worship.”

mawlynnong village


Mawlynnong Village is a must-see for eco-tourists and those seeking a unique cultural experience. This village has set an example of how a community can unite to preserve its environment and promote sustainable tourism. Its natural beauty, cleanliness, and warm hospitality promise visitors a memorable and meaningful travel experience. Mawlynnong Village is a hidden gem that offers a refreshing break from modern life; this destination is perfect for anyone looking for an authentic and responsible travel experience.


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