Indian architecture

Indian Architecture Style

Hope you guys are doing well, imagine you go somewhere in the south of India and before you, you see a legendary temple tower that is 216ft in height with 14 stories you may ask yourself why is it the vimana(tower) is higher than the gopuram(entrance tower) that too in the Dravidian architecture..? you must be wondering and confused at the same time, we are speaking about one of the oldest temple in India which is built by King Raja Raja I during the time of 1003-1010AD, which means the temple is 1000 year old, Brihadeeswara temple which is also a Unesco announced world heritage site located in the south Indian state of Tamilnadu.

Indian architecture

What is so special about the architecture of the temple is that every basic construction require a deep foundation in the south Indian architecture style, but this temple is different both in the architecture from base to the outlook, the temple has a long(flat) foundation rather than deep foundation, the size of the temple shorten from lower to the final edge of the temple, the engineer who built this temple called as Kunjara Mallan and it is believe that he and his assistant did all the blueprint and entire construction of the temple, in today’s date lot of legendary architectures are wondering with the structure of the temple till date, the temple been built with the help of elephants and horses along with Ten thousand plus soldiers and people, the lingam in this temple is also one of biggest in entire world and the size of the lingam is bigger than the gate itself.. if you ever wondering and have an affection toward the love for architecture do visit this temple once and be amazed by the thousand-year-old traditional Dravidian architecture…

The structure of the temple has about three main entrance gopurams(towers) Keralanthakam, Rasarasan, and Tianukkam after crossing all this you can able to see the legendary shrine of Tanjore big temple also called Peruvudayar temple(which means having large size lingam), the beauty is that the entire temple is made out of a single type of stones alone and there are no woods you can found in the temple’s structure after thousand years even today the temple is shining with its amazing architectural and rich heritage site..


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