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how tall is the statue of liberty

The world contains magics and wonders in many forms like music, arts, stories and architectures, though architecture itself is a wonder few to be mentioned stands top above all the wonders of the world.

Statue of liberty is one such wonder but with a deep and clear message to tell, there are few architectures in this world that almost everyone can remember even when you ask them in the middle of sleep and statue of liberty is one among them, even though architectures represent the modernized way of civilization when we think it in the philosophical form each and every architecture have its own story to tell, the statue build with the neoclassical architecture style to keep it simpler and magnificent.

The statue of liberty is often called as a gift from the people of France to the united states because of both the designer and the architect of the statue of liberty are French people, the statue designed by Auguste Bartholdi and built by architect Gustave Eiffel (the one who build Eiffel tower).

The giant marvelous copper statue represents the symbol of freedom for the Americans and to those whoever goes to America, the designer imprinted the idea into the statue by a torch in one hand and freedom in the hand.

how tall is the statue of liberty

Architecture philosophy:

As the statue represents something more than any other ordinary architecture out there in America the designer and the architect decided to make it lasts longer, architect Gustave Eiffel is not only an architect but also an engineer who is specialized in metals and he used copper and iron sheets for the framework and then connected it.

The entire statue built in France and then transported to New York later, to make it easy to construct both the designer and the architect separated the architecture into four major pieces and then formed it as one (how tall is the statue of liberty).

The neoclassical architecture worked well with the statue and the entire world still astonish it whenever they see it, with the simple and plain color and the right geometry and the story to tell, it is one of the finest architecture ever made in the American history.

how tall is the statue of liberty

About the architect:

Gustave Eiffel is popular for his magnificent steelworks around the world, Eiffel tower is considered as his most iconic work but with a message additionally and also to represent the freedom the statue of liberty beats it just for the cause and remain as his finest work till date.

Even though Gustave Eiffel did the marvelous statue of liberty or freedom the brain behind the architecture is auguste Bartholdi, he designed the statue from head to the bottom and the sculptor just did his magic, the lion of Bartholdi, Fontaine Bartholdi, a statue of Vercingetorix are other famous works of Frederick Auguste Bartholdi.

There are so many architectures in this world that we set our eyes when we see it and never wants to look back the statue of liberty is one such work to remember not only for its amazing architecture but for the cause it was built, architecture is more than just fancy or necessity it is indeed a painting which never fades after centuries and stands tall and beautiful forever.

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