Welcome to the Assam State Zoo! It is located in Guwahati and is a special place for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. The Zoo is big and has many different animals from the region. Its main goal is to care for the animals and ensure their safety. In this article, we will learn about the Assam State Zoo, its history, the animals it protects, and its critical work for wildlife conservation.

The Zoo’s Beginnings

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The Assam State Zoo, also known as the Guwahati Zoo, started in 1957. It was a little small at first, covering only 130 acres. But now, it has expanded to a massive area of about 432 acres. That makes it one of the largest zoos in our country! The Zoo’s main job is to protect and care for animals that need help.

Helping Endangered Animals

The Assam State Zoo is doing vital work to help animals that are in danger of disappearing forever. It has special programs to help these endangered animals survive. One way is by breeding them in the Zoo.

The zookeepers help them have babies, and when the babies grow up, they are released back into the wild. It allows the population of endangered species to grow.

The Zoo also helps animals that are hurt or need a safe place to stay. Sometimes, animals get injured or taken away by evil people who treat them poorly. The Zoo gives them a home where they can be safe and get better. The zookeepers care for them and ensure they have everything they need.

Many Different Animals

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The Assam State Zoo is like a home to lots of animals. It has animals that are native to the region, which means they come from the area around the Zoo. Some famous animals include the one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, and Asian elephant. But other fascinating animals exist, such as the golden langur, hoolock gibbon, and different reptiles and birds.

The Zoo has ensured the animals have a place to live like their natural home. It’s essential for them to feel comfortable and happy. The zookeepers have made enclosures that look like the animals’ natural habitats, so they can play and explore just like they would in the wild.

Learning and Fun

When you visit the Assam State Zoo, you see amazing animals and learn many exciting things. The Zoo wants to teach people about the importance of taking care of wildlife. They have special tours where guides tell you about the animals and their habitats. You can also take part in workshops and activities to learn even more.

The Zoo works with schools and colleges to help students learn about wildlife conservation. They even have internships where students can work at the Zoo and help care for the animals. This way, young people can become future protectors of nature and wildlife.

Enjoying the Zoo

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The Assam State Zoo wants everyone to have a great time when they visit. They have made it easy for people to walk around the Zoo with excellent paths and signs that tell you about the animals. There are also places to sit, rest, eat, and buy souvenirs.

One particular thing you can do at the Zoo is adopt an animal. It’s not an actual adoption but a way to support your favorite animal. You can give some money to help take care of them. It’s a fun way to be a part of wildlife conservation.

Challenges and Future Plans

Even though the Assam State Zoo is doing important work, it faces some challenges. Things like destroying animals’ homes, selling animals illegally, and changes in the climate make it hard for animals to survive. But the Zoo has plans to do even more to help. They want to work with other zoos and organizations to protect animals. They also want to build more places for animals to breed and grow.


The Assam State Zoo is a special place where animals are protected and cared for. It helps endangered species have babies and go back to the wild. The Zoo has many different animals, and you can learn a lot when you visit. They want to teach people about wildlife conservation and ensure everyone has a great time. So, let’s support the Assam State Zoo and be a part of saving our precious animals!


1. What is Assam State Zoo famous for?

It is renowned for being one of the finest botanical gardens in Northeast India. It boasts a collection of 345 indigenous species and showcases 280 species of exotic plants, making it a prominent attraction for nature enthusiasts and plant lovers.

2. What is the entrance fee of Assam State Zoo?

The entrance fee for Assam State Zoo in Guwahati varies for different categories of visitors. For Indian visitors, the ticket prices for 2023 are as follows:

  • Adult: Rs. 30
  • Children: Rs. 10
  • Student: Rs. 10
  • Still Camera: Rs. 20

3. Which is the largest Zoo in Assam?

Assam State Zoo is the largest Zoo in the entirety of Assam and the entire North East India region. Encompassing over 400 acres of land, it serves as both a botanical and zoological garden, offering visitors a diverse and expansive experience.

4. What is the history of Assam State Zoo?

The history of Assam State Zoo dates back to 1957 when it opened. The purpose of a zoo is to provide suitable facilities and housing for a collection of animals previously located in Japorigog, within the Hengrabari Reserve Forest. Spanning an area of 130 hectares, the Zoo opened its gates to the public in 1958, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to view and appreciate a variety of animal species.

5. Where is the most famous Zoo?

According to the 2023 ranking by TourScanner, the most renowned Zoo in the world is the San Diego Zoo in the USA. Established in 1916, it is home to over 3,500 animals from 650 diverse species. With its impressive collection and consistent recognition as one of the top zoos globally, the San Diego Zoo offers an exceptional wildlife experience.


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