Are you planning to get a house inspection report? Do you want to sell your house? If yes, then you should consider reading this blog.

Whether you are selling your house or just want to know its worth, there always comes a point when you consider getting your house inspected by a professional. But because you don’t have enough inspection knowledge, there are chances that a bad home inspector might come and do whatever he likes to do.

So in this case, the best thing that you can do is to have some knowledge of house inspection. The first question that comes to people’s mind when they think about house inspection is what are home inspectors not allowed to do? Well yes, there are certain things that home inspectors are not allowed to do and a bad house inspector might do. This includes damaging your property and other grey areas that people generally think are Okay but are not.

Further in this blog, we will discuss 7 of the things that home inspectors are not allowed to do. You should note them down for your next home inspection. 

Damage your Property 

The first thing that a home inspector is not allowed to do is to damage your property in any way. There are many cases when a bad house inspector has ruined people’s property in the name of inspection. The house inspector might say that he needs to take down a wall to see the wiring or any other story that he tells. 

He is not allowed to damage your property, and if he does his license can be revoked. If you see a house inspector doing anything to your property just stop them and give a straight no. If the house inspector forces you on that you can complain about it.

Creating an opinion when testing is required

The next thing that a house inspector should not do is to create an opinion when testing is required. A house inspector can not say whether you have lead paint or not. These things require testing from labs. 

If you are hiring a house inspector from a certified association then he or she will definitely recommend you a lead paint test. They can not create an opinion based on what they think, they must have proof for that which can only be obtained through testing.

Offer other services 

House inspectors are not allowed to give their side services other than inspection. Most house inspectors belong to backgrounds that are related to building or fixing houses and that’s why they have all the knowledge about it. Some house inspectors might recommend their services to fix any problem that they find in their house.¬†

This is not allowed and if they are caught doing it, their license can be revoked. You can complain about it if an inspector does so. A house inspector’s only job is to inspect a house and create a report, not to give any other service.

Moreover, a home inspector can also not suggest or recommend other engineers or workers to fix a certain problem. They can only underline an issue.

Risk Someone’s safety for Inspection

Would you like to put your life at risk for a house inspection? Well, nobody would like that except some bad house inspectors. They might put your and their safety for house inspection. They might ask you to get on a slippery roof to inspect it but it is probably not a good idea.  

If you see a case like that happening near you or with you then you should stop it. If you think that inspection of a certain area can harm somebody then tell the house inspector to avoid it.

Inspecting stuff they are not Specialized In

You would not want somebody to do something with your house that they are not specialized in. But if some house inspector starts to inspect things out of their scope then you should probably tell them that they are not allowed to do that. 

A normal house inspector might not be able to inspect a swimming pool in a house. So the best way to inspect it would be to get somebody with similar expertise.

Give a price or grade for the Inspected House

The next thing that a home inspector is not allowed to do is to give a price or grade for an inspected house. They are not allowed to comment on a house’s price. Some house inspectors might suggest you a price based on the inspection but they are mostly inaccurate. The real estate agent can only give you a price for the inspected house.

Moreover, an inspector can also not fail or pass a house based on the inspection. A house inspector can not say if a house is livable or not. It is out of their scope.


House inspection is extremely important when it comes to buying and selling of house. It makes it easier for you to decide whether a house is worth your money or not. In this regard, we have shared 7 things that a home inspector is not allowed to do. You can check them out and keep them in mind for the next time you are getting a house inspected.


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