Warm And Cool Colours List

Colors play a very important role in the day-to-day lives of people. They can cause mood changes, as colors can evoke feelings of warmness or coolness in people. Color also plays a very important role in determining the area of a space, i.e., lighter colors tend to make smaller spaces appear bigger and vice versa.

As we all know there are two types of colors available. Warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors are the ones that evoke warm vibes and feelings in people. These colors are connected with the sun, warmth, and fire, hence they are known as warm colors. Different warm colors include red, orange, yellow, etc. These types of colors are bright and easily noticeable from a distance and hence fall in the category of lively colors. It is advisable to use warm colors in the rooms of calm children who suffer from low energy. These types of colors are preferred by preschool kids as warm colors help in the creation of an energetic atmosphere.

Cool colors, however, are the colors that evoke calm and cool vibes in people. These colors are connected with ice, winter, and the sky, and hence are known as cool colors. Different cool colors include blue, green, purple, etc. These types of colors are a bit dull and are not noticeable from a distance and therefore are usually on the background. Cool colors must be used in the rooms of hyperactive and highly energetic kids. These types of colors are preferred by secondary education or high school kids as such colors help in the creation of a calm and comforting atmosphere.

When we talk about warm and cool color lists, we must go into depth to understand the colors and why are they on that said list. Let us try to understand the warm and cool colors list in brief.

Warm colors: Yellow, Red, and Orange


Yellow is the color that will forever be associated with happiness.  It is the brightest and most radiant color in comparison to all the other warm colors. It is the color that depicts the source of light, i.e., the sun. Yellow attracts attention and hence is used in most signals and signage. Yellow and black together are also used to issue warnings. Yellow color is also proven to be effective in helping to focus on work and concentration and increasing brain activity and perception. However, if yellow is used in abundance, it might cause uneasiness and may also disturb the eyes.

warm and cool colours list
warm and cool colours list


Red is a dominant color and is usually used for attracting attention. It is used in alarms, warnings, signage, etc. As it has the longest wavelength, red-colored objects also seem closer than objects that aren’t red in color. It is mostly associated with feelings of love, anger, and pain. Red evokes excitement in people. It increases blood pressure levels, heart rates, as well as the sense of smell. However, if used in abundance, red could lead to uneasiness, anger, and discomfort.

warm and cool colours list


Orange is a boosting color that symbolizes positivity and optimism. It is an entertaining color and has great revitalizing effects. Orange affects critical thinking and also helps in the improvement of memory.

warm and cool colours list

Cool Colors: Blue, Green, and Purple


Blue is the color of concentration. It falls in the category of calm and rational color. Blue depicts attention, deep thinking, meditation, and vitality. It also symbolizes security and safety. As it has a calming effect, blue helps in slowing down heart rates and breathing. It also lowers temperature or gives the effect of low temperature. The color blue is also associated with sadness.

warm and cool colours list
warm and cool colours list


The color green is one of the main colors in nature. It is a combination of yellow and blue, i.e., a warm and cool color. Hence green depicts happiness and joy on one hand, and peace and calmness on the other. Green is said to be a mind stimulator and has a calming effect on the eyes. It is also used in artistic activities, as it emits positive energy. Green usually symbolizes relief and relaxation.

warm and cool colours list


Purple is sort of a dramatic color even though it falls on the cool colors list. Purple is a color that isn’t normally preferred in schools as it sometimes leads to overthinking and fear in small children. However, it can definitely be used in theatre rooms.

warm and cool colours list

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