A rolling shutter door is a type of door that is commonly used for commercial or industrial use. These types of doors are constructed from individual steel or aluminum horizontal slats and can be operated by rolling the slats around a barrel that goes up or down with the help of a spring or a motor and guides either side to hold the curtain securely in place. These types of doors are also used for domestic purposes but mostly in garages, store areas, etc. The most common type of rolling shutter door used is the motorized rolling shutter door.

Types of motorized rolling shutter doors

There are a total of five different types of motorized rolling shutter doors.

Aluminum Rolling Shutter Door

These kinds of doors are made up of designed patented extruded double-wall aluminum profiles. Even though they are very lightweight, these doors are extremely durable, functional, and efficient. These doors can also easily be installed in areas where they would be exposed to atmospheric conditions as aluminum is corrosion-free.

Galvalume Rolling Shutter Door

These aluminum and zinc alloy-coated rolling shutter doors are mostly suited for industrial and commercial use. They are corrosion-free and these doors retain the properties of zinc and aluminum that provide excellent barrier protection. These types of doors are mostly recommended as they are very easy to use, versatile, look aesthetic, and are very durable in the long run.

rolling shutter door

Galvanized Rolling Shutter Door

These doors are found in two variants, which are, galvanized insulated rolling shutter doors and non-insulated galvanized rolling shutter doors. These types of doors are mostly used for a variety of industries, warehouses, loading docks, and other commercial uses. These doors can be custom-made and have an aesthetic appearance. They are also energy-efficient and reliable.

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Stainless Steel Rolling Shutter Door

These doors are made up of SS304 or SS316 interlocked profiles. They are considered to be high-grade and high-performance rolling shutter doors. They are corrosion-free and have a really good appearance. They provide 100% safety and security in comparison to the other rolling shutters and are capable of withstanding very adverse weather conditions as well. However, they are a bit pricey.

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Steel Bar Rolling Grills Door

These type of grills is constructed of Bright Steel Bars and are uniformly patterned. They are mostly used in areas where public access must be restricted, but the space must also have an aesthetic appeal towards it. These doors are ideal for display windows, malls, showrooms, etc. These doors easily match a building’s appearance and architecture as these doors provide protection without limiting visual access, air circulation, and light infiltration.

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The main reason for the high usage of rolling shutter doors is that it gives a large opening that isn’t obstructed by the door’s mechanism and provides a wide-open space for the movement of goods and traffic. Also, for large openings, using a rolling shutter door is much cheaper than customizing doors made out of other materials such as wood. These doors are easy to handle as they are very lightweight in comparison to their size. However, choosing the correct material for a rolling shutter is very important as materials such as MS tend to get corroded easily. Also, in high-rise situations, certain rolling shutter doors can sometimes be very noisy.


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