Renaissance is another architectural style that emerged from the red carpet of England, like Victorian, Georgian renaissance is also one of architecture that represents period and time rather than architectural style when we go back to the history of Europe as early as the 14th to 16th century the renaissance stood high and proudly.

Renaissance influenced Gothic architecture rather than Romanesque architectural style and it contains all the core European architectural elements for construction, renaissance architecture is also considered the rebirth of classical architecture in the European region, classical elements are used to build contemporary buildings which are called Renaissance architecture later.

Architecture Philosophy

Like other European architectural style, the Renaissance also concentrated more on symmetry, the dome, and the square-shaped structure, it is even considered the trademark construction style of Europe, if we look closer Victorian, Georgian and Renaissance may look similar to their origin and emerged from the same place.

Stucco and stones are very common in the Renaissance style like bricks for Georgian, symmetrical design with arched openings and classical columns are used as the exterior of the Renaissance architectural style, the Roman type columns are widely used for the exterior designing.

The square shape is the core structure of many architectural styles that emerged from the European region, the usage of arches and domes which influenced ancient Roman architecture helped Renaissance architecture to look more familiar and classical in shape, flat and wide ceilings are also common in this architectural style which made it to look grand while comparing to other architectural styles.

Later the Renaissance style spread to various parts of the world like Italy, France, America, and Russia, the core purpose of the Renaissance style was to create peace and harmony between people and buildings and it served well with peoples of the world and Europe.

Though it acted as a religious architectural style like cathedrals, basilicas, and churches it was even used for the urbanization of Europe and Italy, more architecture like hospitals, fountains, and bridges were also constructed using the renaissance architecture.

Works to look at

Florence Cathedral

renaissance architecture

Florence Cathedral is one of the earliest and most important architectures of Renaissance architecture, in the beautiful city of Florence the mighty wonderful cathedral looks tall and giant in structure tells you what Renaissance architecture and its essence, the widened and large dome makes it look a bit imaginary but still amazing in design and structure, the architecture is designed by Arnolfo di Cambio and the mighty dome was designed by the very Filippo Brunelleschi.

St. Peter’s Basilica

renaissance architecture

In the very Christian city of the Vatican, the reflection of Renaissance style is high with the St. Peter’s Basilica, for its ancient style and classical structure it still contains all the classic flavors in it to spread and to show us the ancient culture and the talent of ancient people with their engineering and design concepts.

Basilica di San Lorenzo, Riccardi Medici palace, and Palazzo Farnese are a few of the greatest architecture made out of Renaissance style, architects like Filippo Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Donato Bramante, and Michelozzo are some of the legendry Renaissance architects who played a major role in making the renaissance architectural style to come and then shine in the lights.


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