Welcome to Orang National Park, a wonderful place in Assam, India. It is a big park with many animals and plants. In this article, we will learn about the park, its animals, and why it is essential to protect them.

The amazing Orang National Park

orang national park

A home for many Animals

Orang National Park is a special place for people who love animals. It is like a mini version of Kaziranga National Park. Here, you can see animals like rhinoceroses, tigers, elephants, deer, and monkeys. It’s fascinating to watch these animals in their natural homes.

A park for Birds, too!

Orang National Park is not only for animals but also for birds. There are more than 200 types of birds in the park. Some birds fly from far away to visit during certain times of the year. You can see beautiful eagles, colourful kingfishers, and rare birds like the Bengal florican. It’s an excellent place for people who love birds!

Exploring the Park’s Nature

Land and water together

Orang National Park is unique because it has both land and water. It is near a big river called the Brahmaputra River. The park has wetlands and grasslands where many animals live. There are also small hills and forests. It’s like a giant puzzle with different pieces!

Many plants and trees

Inside the park, you will find many different plants and trees. Some are tall and strong, like the sal and teak trees. There are also bamboo trees, which grow very fast. The park is full of greenery and beautiful flowers, like orchids. The riverbanks have notable forests called riparian forests. They are essential because animals use them for their homes.

Protecting Animals and Nature

orang national park

Saving endangered animals

Orang National Park is doing a great job protecting animals that are in danger. One particular animal is the one-horned rhinoceros. The park helps these rhinoceroses grow in number and keeps them safe from harm. They also care for other animals, like the Bengal florican bird and the Ganges river dolphin. Protecting these animals so they can continue to live and be a part of our world is essential.

People and park working together

The people who take care of Orang National Park know that it’s not only their job to protect the animals and plants. They work with the local communities and teach them about the importance of nature. They also help the communities find new ways to earn money by showing tourists around the park. This way, people can have jobs while protecting the park and its wildlife.

Visiting Orang National Park

The best time to visit

If you want to visit Orang National Park, the best time is from November to April. The weather is excellent, and you can see many animals and birds during this time. It’s better to avoid going in the rainy season because there might be too much rain and flooding.

Seeing animals and going on trails

You can go on a safari to see the animals when you visit the park. You will ride in a jeep with a guide who knows much about animals. You can also walk on nature trails to see the plants and trees up close. Following the park rules and respecting the animals and their homes is essential.


Where is Orang National Park located?

A: Orang National Park is located in Assam, India. It is located on the northern banks of the Brahmaputra River.

What is the size of Orang National Park?

A: Orang National Park covers an area of approximately 78.81 square kilometres (30.43 square miles).

What is the significance of Orang National Park?

A: Orang National Park is known for its rich biodiversity and is a vital habitat for various endangered species, including the Indian rhinoceros, pygmy hog, and Bengal florican. It is also an Important Bird Area (IBA) and a tiger reserve.

What are the major attractions within Orang National Park?

A: Some significant attractions within Orang National Park include wildlife safaris, bird watching, boat rides on the Brahmaputra River, and the chance to spot rare and endangered species such as the Indian rhinoceros.

How can I reach Orang National Park?

A: The nearest airport to Orang National Park is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, approximately 140 kilometres (87 miles) away. The nearest railway station is Rangapara, located around 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) from the park. From Guwahati or Rangapara, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to the national park.


Orang National Park is a special place where animals and plants are protected. It’s an excellent opportunity to see animals like rhinoceroses, tigers, and birds like the Bengal Florican. The park is also helping local communities and teaching people about the importance of nature. If you visit the park, remember to be kind to the animals and enjoy the beauty of nature.


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