Neon Money Plant is a remarkable addition to any garden. Its vibrant leaves, resembling money bills, make it a unique and eye-catching plant. Let’s explore more about this fascinating botanical wonder!

What is a Neon Money Plant?

It’s scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum and is a tropical vine native to Southeast Asia. Its distinct, bright green leaves have a glossy sheen and stand out in any setting.

neon money plant

Why is it called the Neon Money Plant?

The leaves of this plant have a unique quality – they reflect light, creating a neon-like glow. This characteristic was named “Neon Money Plant,” as its leaves shine like money in the sunlight.

Easy care tips 

Caring for a Neon Money Plant is a breeze. It thrives in moderate sunlight and can tolerate low-light conditions. Water it regularly, but be sure to conserve water. This resilient plant is perfect for beginners!

Propagation and growth

They are easy to propagate. Cut a healthy stem, allow it to root in water, and then transplant it into soil. It can grow into a lush, vibrant vine when cared for properly.

neon money plant


It is a dazzling addition to any garden, bringing a touch of magic with its glowing leaves. You can enjoy this unique plant. Add It to your garden today, and watch it light up your space!


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