A good mattress can contribute a lot to your sleep. However, most people do not consider the fact that your mattress has a lot to do with how you sleep through the night.

Usually, people just go to a mattress store and check whether the mattress is soft or firm depending on what they want out of the two, and just buy it. They are not aware of its benefits or the characteristics or even the type that it is. They probably just see if the size would fit their bed and the softness or firmness of the mattress. Are you one of those people too? If yes, let us tell you that mattresses are not precise till their sizes only. There is much more to what benefits mattresses provide.

Mattress Type Guide

There are different types of mattresses, each of which comes with distinct dimensions and various unique benefits. Especially if you are suffering from back pains or body alignment issues, there are mattresses that will ease your pains and help you sleep pain-free. Here are the types of mattresses that you must know about before you go shopping for one.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam was introduced by NASA in the 1970s. It is widely used for pillows, mattresses, and whatnot. Originally, memory foam was introduced to cushion the seat for the pilot to protect against damage in case of a crash. The best part about memory foam is that it perfectly contours your body without bearing all the weight at just one point. It equally disperses your weight onto itself.

Memory foam offers you a peaceful deep sleep as it stimulates your pressure point, providing you with the utmost relief from whatever pain you have. Another amazing thing about it is that it provides you with warmth. If you are someone whose body temperature drops while you are sleeping, memory foam will keep you warm, and this feature is exactly what makes the foam contour your body.

Last but not least, there is something about this mattress that will absolutely make you want to buy it; it is that this memory foam can resist bacteria which means you will not have to be concerned about the bed bugs or even about catching any allergies.

Innerspring Mattress

Introduced in the year 1857, innerspring mattresses are the oldest and also the most frequently used mattresses almost all across the world. Since they were introduced, a lot of upgrades have been made to innerspring mattresses, which have made the latest of these mattresses very soothingly comfortable to use.

Talking about their material and design, innerspring mattresses have steel coils inside of them. These coils can either be separately pocketed or attached to one another into a single unit. An innerspring mattress with coils connected to one another into a single unit tends to be bouncier. If two individuals sleep on the same mattress with inter-connected coils, when one person moves, the other person will feel the movements clearly.

On the other hand, an innerspring mattress with individually covered coils tends to be stable. Each of its coils works just for itself and only upon being put weight on. You will not feel your partner’s movements and will be able to sleep more peacefully on this mattress. The major benefit that coils serve in general is that they provide support to the body. They help with the stimulation of pressure points to release pain and help with body alignment.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are an outstanding combination of the two best mattresses. Without adding any more to your curiosity, let us tell you what a hybrid mattress is really made up of. Hybrid mattresses are the perfect combination of an innerspring mattress and memory foam.

It has a very comfortable memory foam top with an innerspring coiled interior that makes this mattress a master of utmost support, durability, and comfort. Hybrid mattresses serve a variety of huge benefits to you. Their innerspring core has separately wrapped up coils that make the mattress stable, and the person sleeping on it sleeps peacefully without feeling any motion movement while changing their side or position or even if another individual on the bed moves.

Although innerspring mattresses are bouncy, they still do not disturb your sleep. If you are someone who likes bouncy mattresses, this is the perfect choice for you. Another best part about Hybrid mattresses is that they are allergen-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and bed bug-resistant, so you do not have to worry about that at all. These mattresses are a one-time big investment that will go a long way in providing you with so many benefits.

Waterbed Mattress

Back in the era of the ’70s and ’80s, waterbed mattresses were only known for their appealing design and nothing else. By the 1990s, they lost that too and were not at all popular. You could still buy them if you felt like it. Waterbeds, as the name suggests, comprise water chambers that are the source of utmost support and comfort for you.

These mattresses come in two variations; the soft-sided waterbed and the hard-sided waterbeds. The major difference between these two is that in a hard-sided waterbed, the water chambers are placed inside a rectangle-shaped wood frame, while in a soft-sided one, the water chambers are wrapped in fiber and foam. The only major disadvantage of these is that they may develop a leakage.

The Right Mattress Type for You

There are several types of mattresses, out of which a few have been explained above for you. To give you a quick glimpse at all the types so you can figure out which is the right one for you, you can use this guide to compare each one and then decide for yourself.

This type of guide can help you a lot to figure out what mattress is the best for you. However, you still need to consider some factors when choosing a mattress type for yourself. You must consider your sleeping posture first of all as it contributes a lot to choosing a mattress for yourself. You must also consider your medical condition. Based on these factors, you should check out what mattress has features that will facilitate your body type and posture and also whatever health condition you have. Whatever mattress facilitates you is the right one for you.


Mattresses come in several types and further variations and dimensions. Each of these contributes different benefits to your sleeping routines. When it comes to choosing a mattress, you must know what the types are, what the sizes are, and their exact dimensions and benefits. Mattresses play a vital role in making your nights peaceful. If you choose the right one for yourself, you need not worry about having any more sleepless nights.


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