Darwin D. Martin house: the museum of simplified art

In the list of best architecture In the world once again it is frank wright’s another masterpiece Darwin D. martin house, you may ask, are all works of frank wright masterpieces? well, most of it is.

In the northwestern region of New York, buffalo a house with neat design and colored contrastingly with more brown and wood and also the trademark organic architecture style of Frank Wright, it is Darwin D. martin’s house.

After falling waterfall building, this is considered as the most iconic architecture of frank wright and it has its own purposes, designing a great architecture is to design it for a purpose and also to be an inspiration for the future generation.

Darwin D. Martin House is an ordinary living house with extraordinarily simple design, frank wright is a genius in connecting people with nature and most of his architecture do the purpose in its own way, Darwin house design is enveloped of more wood, more space rather than chunks of small rooms, the organic architecture style implements the feel of being in a freedom state rather than to feel inside the four designed walls.

Frank may also study the psychology of people and nature thus it reflect in each of his work, to keep the touch of nature frank used more wooden design like walls and tables in the Darwin martin house and also reduced unwanted rooms and necessaries to make more space to feel the complete architecture.

Martin house Architecture style:

Darwin D. Martin House is a neat and simple design but with extraordinary style to get inspired on, with more wooden interior and wood-like texture in walls which are also of tree brown color, D. martin house doesn’t contain unwanted rooms rather it is a complete architecture with more space.

Darwin D. Martin house

From windows to doors and interiors the usage of wood plays a fair role and it also defines Floyd wright’s sense of nature like his every other work.

Darwin D. Martin house is a great example of simple design and yet it is a masterpiece, young architects should learn to design neat and make it as a trademark. The color used in Darwin’s house is also a great example of choosing the right color will add more style to the work.

Architecture philosophy:

Architecture itself is a story which can be heard only if we look into it deeply, Darwin house also holds a story, to be great is to be simple, the simple and neat design is the key to the success of Darwin house, rather than just being a house of Mr. Darwin the Darwin D. Martin house is a museum for today’s architects.

To feel the architecture of the house, frank wright designed it with more space to occupy rather than separating it into several small rooms, with the wooden design it also has a sense of nature and that’s how it becomes a trademark of frank Lloyd wright.

The Darwin house is more than just architecture, it is indeed a great art in the form of bricks and cement with woods inside, simplicity is the key to greatness.

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