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In Indian households, people have a special place called a mandir or a home temple. It’s a place where they connect with their spiritual side and feel peaceful. A mandir design for home can be beautiful and make your home look nice. Many different designs for mandirs can fit in small spaces or big rooms. This article will discuss 20 elegant mandir design for home that can make your home look even more beautiful.

Traditional Wooden Mandir design for home

A traditional wooden mandir design for home is a classic choice. It is made of wood and has pretty designs carved on it. This type of mandir feels warm and cozy, and it’s a great place to pray and think.

Contemporary Wall-Mounted Mandir

If you have limited space, a contemporary wall-mounted mandir design for home is a good option. It can be hung on the wall and only takes up a little room. You can choose materials like wood, marble, or metal.

Marble Mandir with intricate inlays

Marble mandirs look elegant and fancy. They are made of smooth, shiny marble and have beautiful designs with colorful stones. These mandirs are very special and show off excellent craftsmanship.

Glass enclosed Mandir

A glass-enclosed mandir design for home is a stylish choice. It has see-through glass panels that look nice and keep the sacredness of the space. You can have different designs on the glass, like frosty or colored glass, to make it even more special.

Pooja Ghar in a niche

mandir design for home

If you have a small space in your home, you can turn it into a pretty pooja ghar. Add special tiles, carvings, or lights to make it stand out. Make sure to have soft lights and nice smells to make it feel peaceful.

Mandir with a waterfall feature

A waterfall feature in your mandir can make it feel calm and relaxing. The sound of flowing water and the peacefulness of the temple create a soothing atmosphere.

Rustic Mandir design

A rustic mandir design for home is perfect for a natural and earthy look. It can be made of stones or distressed wood. This type of mandir makes you feel connected to nature and adds a special charm to your home.

Wall-mounted floating Mandir

A wall-mounted floating mandir is a cool design that looks like it is floating on the wall. It makes your mandir feel light and airy. With hidden lights and a sleek design, it creates a magical atmosphere.

Mandir with traditional jali work

Jali’s work is a special kind of design with tiny holes in it. It looks fancy and is often seen in traditional Indian architecture. Adding jali work to your mandir can create beautiful patterns of light and shadow, making it even more special.

Mandir with integrated storage

Some mandirs have built-in drawers or cabinets to keep things organized. It is a great idea because you can have all your prayer items in one place. It looks nice and helps you keep everything tidy.

Mandir under the staircase

If you have stairs in your home, you can turn the space under them into a mandir. It is a clever way to use that space and make it look beautiful. You can design it to match the stairs and the rest of your home.

Temple-inspired wall art

If you have limited space, you can put up temple-inspired wall art instead of a physical mandir. It is like a painting or a decoration. It looks like a temple. It adds a spiritual touch to your home decor.

Mandir with mural paintings

Mural paintings are big and colorful paintings that tell a story. You can have mural paintings in your mandir to make it look vibrant and special. Choose themes and colors that you like and that are meaningful to you.

Mandir with backlit panels

Backlit panels are made of special materials that let light pass through them. They give a soft and glowing light, making your mandir feel magical. You can choose different colors and patterns to create the mood you want.

Mandir with mirror work

Mirrorwork adds a shiny and reflective touch to your mandir. Mirrors make the space look bigger and add a touch of glamour. You can combine mirror work with other designs to make your mandir look stunning.

Mandir with traditional brass elements

Brass is a special metal that represents prosperity and spirituality in Indian culture. Adding brass bells, lamps, or figurines to your mandir makes it feel authentic and sacred. The golden color of brass looks regal and beautiful.

Mandir with exquisite sculptures

Sculptures are 3D artworks that look like statues. Having sculptures in your mandir makes it look unique and special. You can choose sculptures of gods or mythological characters that are made with great skill and artistry.

Mandir with a floral theme

A floral theme adds freshness and beauty to your mandir. You can decorate it with flower designs, garlands, or flower-shaped decorations. It makes your mandir feel positive, beautiful, and pure.

Mandir with customized wallpaper

You can have amazing wallpapers made for your mandir. These wallpapers can have religious symbols, holy scriptures, or pictures of gods. They make your mandir look personal and meaningful to you.

Mandir with zen-inspired design

A Zen-inspired mandir design for home is simple and peaceful. It has clean lines, neutral colors, and a calming atmosphere. Adding natural materials like bamboo, stone, or water elements to your mandir creates a tranquil and harmonious ambiance.


A mandir in your home can be a beautiful and peaceful place. There are many different mandir design for home, whether you have a big room or a small space. Each design has its special charm.

You can choose a traditional wooden mandir, a modern glass-enclosed mandir, or something else that suits your style. No matter which designs you choose, having a mandir in your home can bring spirituality and elegance together, making your home more beautiful and peaceful.


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