The Karni Mata Temple Udaipur is a Holly Hindu temple in Deshnoke, Rajasthan, dedicated to the goddess Karni Mata. It is famous for its belief that rats are sacred and worshipped as the vehicle of the deity. The temple is intricately designed with silver doors and beautiful carvings, and its location in the desert adds to its spiritual significance. It is open to visitors daily and is considered of immense importance in Hinduism, with the power to fulfill devotees’ wishes.

History and Significance of the Temple

Karni Mata Temple Udaipur was a 14th-century Charan caste woman believed to be an incarnation of the goddess Durga with mystical powers. Her followers built the temple in the 15th century, thinking she could bring back the dead. Legend says she turned her stepson Laxman into a rat after he died, hence the sacred worship of rats in the temple. Karni Mata’s social and cultural reforms notably improved the status of women in Rajasthan. Today, her legacy inspires women, and her temple bears witness to her immense spiritual and social influence.

Architecture and Design of the Temple

The temple’s layout and structure showcase the rich architectural heritage of Rajasthan and follow the principles of Vastu Shastra. Its traditional Rajasthani design features intricate marble walls, silver doors, multiple domes and spires, and the unique worship of rats as the vehicle of Karni Mata Temple Udaipur. Overall, the temple boasts distinctive features that make it stand out.

Rituals and Traditions followed at the Temple

Karni Mata Temple Udaipur is dedicated to the Hindu sage and mystic Karni Mata Temple Udaipur and is also known as the Rat Temple due to the thousands of revered rats living there. Daily rituals and offerings to the rats, who are reincarnated followers of Karni Mata, bring good luck and prosperity to those who seek their blessings. Legend has it that Karni Mata’s family members were reincarnated as rats, and folklore adds to the temple’s mystique with beliefs such as replacing any rats who accidentally died with a gold or silver one and seeing a white rat being particularly promising.

Attractions and Tourist activities around the Temple

The Karni Mata Temple Udaipur is known for its rats, but other attractions are nearby. Exploring the city of Udaipur provides visitors with plenty to see, including the City Palace and Jagdish Temple. Activities such as camel rides and guided tours are also available in the surrounding countryside, and the region is known for its delicious Rajasthani cuisine.

The Spiritual Significance of Karni Mata Temple and its Impact on Devotees

Devotees believe seeking blessings from Karni Mata Temple Udaipur and the rats brings good luck and spirituality. The temple inspires visitors and offers a unique experience of Hindu culture and traditions. It is a must-visit site in Udaipur, Rajasthan.


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