AutoCAD is a computer-aided application created by the AUTODESK company and used worldwide. It is used to create 2D and 3D drawings by Architects, Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Drafters, Interior designers etc to save time and create more accuracy in the drawings.

Nowadays paper drafting is replaced by AutoCAD because hand drafting in paper takes more time and we cannot edit it quickly for correction. AutoCAD saves lots of time and very efficient application for digital designers. In AutoCAD, we have multiple options for drafting and modelling.

Nowadays shortcut buttons are very important for digital creators to save time and energy. AutoCAD also has 200+ shortcuts that make the application more reliable and flexible to the users. Below are the most important AutoCAD shortcut buttons/commands one should know before proceeding to the application.

AutoCAD shortcut used for general features

autocad shortcut
Ctrl+dToggle coordinate display
Ctrl+gToggle Grid
Ctrl+eCycle isometric planes
Ctrl+fToggle running object snaps
Ctrl+hToggle Pick Style
Ctrl+Shift+hToggle Hide pallets
Ctrl+iToggle Coords
Ctrl+Shift+iCommand Line
Ctrl+0 (Zero)Clean Screen
Ctrl+1Property Palette
Ctrl+2Design Center Palette
Ctrl+3Toggle Palette
Ctrl+4Sheet Set Palette
Ctrl+6DBConnect Manager
Ctrl+7Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl+8Quick Calc
Ctrl+9Command Line
Ctrl+cCopy object
Ctrl+xCut object
Ctrl+vPaste object
Ctrl+Shift+cCopy to clipboard with base point
Ctrl+Shift+vPaste data as a block
Ctrl+zUndo the last action
Ctrl+yRedo last action
Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+/Cancel current command
Ctrl+ESCCancel current command
Ctrl+nNew Drawing
Ctrl+sSave drawing
Ctrl+oOpen drawing
Ctrl+pPlot dialog box
Ctrl+TabPlot dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+TabPlot dialog box
Ctrl+Page upSwitch to the previous tab in the current drawing
Ctrl+Page downSwitch to the next tab in the current drawing
Ctrl+aSelect all objects

AARCCreates an arc.
AAAREACalculates the area and perimeters of selected objects.
ALALIGNAlign any objects taking reference to other objects in 2D and 3D.
APAPPLOADLoad any applications.
ARARRAYCreate multiple copies of an object in a similar pattern.
BBLOCKCreate a block.
BCBCLOSEClose the block editor.
BOBOUNDRYCreate a polyline from an enclosed area.
BSBSAVESave block definition.
CCIRCLECreate a circle.
CAMCAMERASet the camera for 3D perspective views.
CHPROPERTIESProperties of existing objects.
COLCOLOURSet the colour of any objects.
COCOPYCopy the objects.
CYLCYLINDERCreate a cylinder in 3D.
DDIMSTYLECreate and modify dimension styles.
DANDIMANGULARCreates angular dimensions.
DARDIMARCCreate arc length dimensions.
DCEDIMCENTERCreates the centre of a circle.
DDIDIMDIAMETERCreate diameter dimension.
DEDDIMEDITEdits extension lines and dimension texts.
DIDISTMeasures the distance.
DIVDIVIDEDivide any line into given parts.
DTTEXTCreates a text box.
EERASERemove objects.
ELELLIPSECreate an ellipse.
EPDFEXPORT PDFExports selected drawings to PDF formats.
EXEXTENTExtent any selected lines to the edges of other objects.
EXPEXPORTSave drawings to different file formats.
EXITQUITExit from the application.
FFILLETRounds and fillets the edges of objects.
FIFILTERFilter the drawings.
GGROUPCreate a group of required selected objects.
GDGRADIENTFills a selected object with a gradient fill.
GEOGEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONGives the geographic locations of a specific file.
HHATCHFill a closed block with the required textures.
HIHIDEHide any object, text etc.
HEHATCHEDITEdit an existing hatch part.
IINSERTInsert an object.
IADIMAGE ADJUSTAdjust image brightness, contrast etc.
IMPIMPORTImports any files to the drawing.
ININTERSECTCreates a 3D solid or 2D region from overlapping solids of the region.
JJOINJoin similar objects to make it a single unit.
JOGDIMJOGGEDCreate jog dimensions for circles.
LLINECreate a line of given dimensions.
LALAYERCreate different layers.
LILISTDisplay a list of properties data of a selected object.
LOLAYOUTCreates or modifies selected layout tabs.
LTLT SCALELoad and modify line types.
LWWEIGHTChange the line weight of a selected object.
MMOVEMove selected objects.
MAMATCHCROPApplies the properties of selected object to other objects.
MATMATERIALSShows/Hide the materials layout.
MEMEASUREMeasures the length of a selected object
MIMIRRORCreates a duplicate copy of an object.
MLMLINECreates multiple parallel lines.
MTMTEXTCreates multiple text objects box.
MVMVIEWCreates and controls layout viewports.
OOFFSETCreates concentric circles, lines etc.
OPOPTIONCustomise the settings.
OSOSNAPCreates running objects in snap mode.
PPANAdds a parameter with grips to the dynamic block definition.
POPOINTCreates a point object.
POLPOLYGONCreates a polygon.
PUPURGERemove the unused objects, materials etc from the drawing.
PYRPYRAMIDCreates a 3D pyramid.
QSAVEQSAVESave the current drawing.
RECRECTANGCreate a rectangle of specific dimensions.
ROROTATERotate any selected object.
RRRENDERCreate realistic images.
SSTRETCHStretch an object up to the required dimensions or point.
SCSCALEEnlarge or reduce the size of selected objects.
SSMSHEETSETOpens sheet set manager.
TMTEXTCreates multiline text objects.
TBTABLECreates an empty table.
TRTRIMTrim any object.
TSTABLESTYLECreates and modifies table styles.
XEXPLODEBreaks a compound object into many components.
XLXLINECreates a line of infinite length.

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