Windows are not just openings in walls; they can also be exciting and beautiful. As we look out of our windows, we can take in sunlight and fresh air and enjoy the view of the outside world.

I’m sure you’re looking for some fantastic home window design ideas, so you’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for them! Several fun and creative home window design can make your home look fantastic; we will look at 20 of them in this article.

Big and Small Windows

Have you ever seen windows of different sizes? Some can be tall, while others are small and square. Mixing big and small windows can make your house look playful and unique.

Picture Frames

Did you know that windows can be like picture frames? They can frame the view outside, just like a beautiful painting. Choose windows with thick frames to add a touch of elegance to your home.

Round Windows

home window design

Who says windows have to be square or rectangular? Round windows are so much fun! They can make your home look like a fairytale castle.

Triangle Windows

home window design

Triangles are fantastic shapes that can make windows look super cool too! Triangle home window design are perfect for modern and funky homes.

Window Seats

home window design

Imagine having a cozy seat next to a big window. You can read books, play games, or daydream while enjoying the sunlight. Window seats are a fantastic addition to any home.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass home window design are like colorful puzzles made of glass. They have different shapes and colors that create beautiful patterns when the sunlight shines through. Stained glass windows can make your home feel magical.

Sliding Windows

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Sliding windows are like secret doors. Instead of opening up and down, they move from side to side. They are easy to use, and you can pretend you’re a spy opening a secret entrance!

Window Boxes

Have you ever seen windows with boxes full of flowers underneath? These are called window boxes. They add a splash of color and make your home look welcoming and cheerful.

Bubble Windows

Bubble home window design are round and hang from the wall. They make your home look like a spaceship! You can pretend you’re an astronaut looking out into space.

Mirrored Windows

Mirrored windows reflect everything around them, like a magic mirror. They can make your home look more extensive and more mysterious.

Fancy Curtains

Curtains are like clothes for windows. You can choose curtains with fun patterns or bright colors to dress up your windows and give your home a playful touch.

Window Decals

Window decals are like stickers for windows. They come in different shapes and designs, such as animals, flowers, or superheroes! You can stick them on your windows and change them whenever you want.

Rainbow Windows

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Did you know that light can create rainbows? You can hang a crystal or a prism in your window and watch colorful rainbows dancing around your room. It’s like having a party every day!

Window Planters

Window planters are like mini gardens on your windowsills. You can plant flowers or herbs and watch them grow while enjoying the view outside. It’s a fantastic way to bring nature into your home.

Animal-shaped Windows

How about having windows shaped like animals? You can have windows with cat ears, dog noses, or even bird wings! They will make your home look playful and fun.

Chalkboard Windows

Chalkboard paint can turn home window design into giant blackboards. You can draw and write on them with colorful chalk. It’s a creative way to express yourself and have fun.

Shutter Windows

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The shutter home window design has small, hinged panels to open and close. They add a touch of charm And elegance to your home, just like in old-fashioned houses.

Window Murals

Large paintings cover a whole wall. But did you know you can also have murals on your windows? You can choose a beautiful landscape or a favorite cartoon character to bring joy and creativity to your home.

Window Blinds

Blinds are like curtains made of thin strips of fabric or plastic. You can adjust them to let in as much or as little light as possible. Blinds come in different colors and patterns to match your style.

Window Art

home window design

You can become an artist and paint on your windows! You can use special window paints or washable markers to create beautiful designs. It’s fun to decorate your home and show off your artistic skills.

What are standard window sizes?

Standard window sizes can vary depending on the country and region and the specific manufacturer. However, here are some common standard window sizes found in the United States.

Single-hung and Double-Hung Windows

  • Width: 24 inches (61 cm), 28 inches (71 cm), 32 inches (81 cm), 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm)
  • Height: 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (183 cm), 84 inches (213 cm)

Casement Windows

  • Width: 24 inches (61 cm), 28 inches (71 cm), 32 inches (81 cm), 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm)
  • Height: 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (183 cm), 84 inches (213 cm)

Sliding Windows

  • Width: 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (183 cm), 96 inches (244 cm)
  • Height: 24 inches (61 cm), 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (183 cm)

Picture Windows

  • Width: 24 inches (61 cm), 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (183 cm)
  • Height: 24 inches (61 cm), 36 inches (91 cm), 48 inches (122 cm), 60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (183 cm)

Please note that these parameters are approximate and intended to give you a general idea of standard window sizes. It’s always recommended to consult with window manufacturers or suppliers in your area to get specific size options and availability. Additionally, custom-sized windows can be made to fit specific requirements for unique architectural designs or renovations.


It is important to remember that windows can be greater than just practical; they can also be exciting and creative! From the different shapes and sizes to the colorful home window design and animated features, there are so many fun home window design ideas that you can explore.

Whether you choose round windows, stained glass, or even window seats, these designs will make your home feel unique and joyful. So let your imagination soar as you transform your windows into amazing works of art!


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