gurudongmar lake temperature

Would you be familiar with Gurudongmar Lake temperature if you had never heard of it? It is one of the most incredible lakes in the world. It’s located high up in the mountains at the top. Here’s more information about this beautiful place and why it’s so cold there, so let’s take a closer look at it!

Where is Gurudongmar Lake?

It is located in North Sikkim, part of India, and is known as Gurudongmar Lake. The image shows that tall snow-covered mountains surround it. It is located about 17,800 feet above sea level, a very high elevation! You must seem standing on the roof of the world’s tallest building!

Gurudongmar Lake temperature in different seasons

There is a seasonal change in the temperature of Gurudongmar Lake, depending on the season. Summer is not too cold in May and July, with temperatures ranging from around five °C to 15°C. There is no doubt that when winter comes, it will get freezing! The temperature can fall as low as -20°C or even lower! I can feel the cold coming down my spine right now.

Why is the Gurudongmar Lake temperature so cold?

gurudongmar lake temperature

One of the factors why the lake is so cold is that it is located at such a high altitude. Whenever you go up high in the mountains, the air becomes thinner, making it much colder since the air is thinner. It stays cold because of the tall mountains surrounding the lake, which also block warm air, so it stays cold all year round.

The Special winds

There are unique winds that blow over Gurudongmar Lake, which are known as “katabatic winds.” These winds bring cold air from even higher up in the mountains to this lake. That makes the lake even colder!

Water from snow and glaciers

As a result of melting snow and glaciers, the lake gets its water from them. Since the glaciers and snow on the glaciers are frozen, the water in the lake also remains freezing. There is another reason why the lake stays cold, which is the fact that it is not very big.

Taking care of Gurudongmar Lake

gurudongmar lake temperature

Even though people love visiting Gurudongmar Lake, taking care of it is essential. Cutting down trees and causing too much pollution can change the lake’s temperature. We need to protect the lake and the animals that live there.


Despite Gurudongmar Lake+ being a fantastic place, it is also freezing during the winter. The high altitudes, the surrounding mountains, the katabatic wind, and the water from the snow and glaciers all contribute to the cold weather. Keeping Gurudongmar Lake as clean and safe as possible for everyone to enjoy is one of the most crucial tasks for its beauty.


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