Design Apartment

Exterior design is also a major part of architecture as it defines the outcome, before the architectural revolution in the mid-19th century there was no such thing called interior design it was all defined by the one who owned the architecture but the exterior design was always there from the beginning.

Design apartment
Design apartment
Design apartment
Design apartment
Design apartment

DHRUBAJYOTI ROY, the visionary behind, who holds a passion for transforming ideas into tangible and awe-inspiring structures. His multifaceted persona encompasses a love for cars & by profession an Architect.


  1. Graham Peacock Reply

    love the design, do you have the floor plans because i`d love to build this in The Sims 4?

  2. Graham Peacock Reply

    hi, i was wondering if you had the interior plan as i`m recreating the apartments for Sims 4.

    Mr Graham Peacock

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