Islamic Architecture: philosophy and facts

Islamic architecture
Written by Dhrubajyoti Roy

As architecture is of many forms and structures and is used for many purposes like religious and for revolutions, Islamic architecture is one such form of architecture used for religious purposes like Byzantine and Romanesque architectural styles.

Islam is one of most unique religion their architecture style is also represented as a unique one, Islamic architecture is being influenced by may architecture from the earliest form of architecture to the latest architectural forms, like a cocktail it contains many forms of architecture and formed as one unique one.

From the 7th century, Islamic architecture had its own space in the world of architecture and made a great impact, most of the Islamic architecture can be seen as mosques like Romanesque and byzantine as churches, though this architectural style spreads across the world and have own architectural styles according to regions still they have some common characteristics.

Islamic architecture

Architectural philosophy:

Islamic architecture can be defined with their curved dome, usage of calm colors and rich patterns along with silhouettes, as the time grows Islamic design found their own unique style with elements to form and create the trademark of their architectural style.

Domes, minarets, and curves are the core feature style of Islamic design, you can witness all the three elements in all of the Islamic architectural style in the world, it is common architectural elements used to refer Islamic architecture.

Usage of the mosaic is another important thing in the study of Islamic design and it is even said that no mosque can be completed without mosaics, the rich usage of elements, colors and patterns made the Islamic Islamic architecturebuildings more unique and royal in looks and also it helped to feel the spiritual element within the building.

Islamic architecture

The origin of Islamic architecture go back as 7th century and before, it formed as a complete architecture concept after influencing a lot of good and needed characteristics from many architectures of world, As every architecture have their own purposes to fulfill, this design had the same by influencing people but the architectural concept revolves more on making the visuals amazing and wants to transfer the spirituality into whoever steps into it.

Islamic architectural style gives more important to the interior than outside as it has a larger purpose to be done than outside, the patterns inside every Islamic architecture is an amazing piece of art, the perfectly finished stonework and the decorations in it make the entire architecture astonishing and also create a bright impact an people.

Materials used in :

Stonework, brickwork, plaster along with ceramic tiles or mosaic are the core materials used while constructing the Islamic architecture, the decorations in the stonework are also considered as a very important task while constructing.

The wide usage of marbles, mosaic, and ceramic tiles is the major step while constructing any Islamic design, it is globally recognized features of the architectural style.

Islamic architecture

Works to look at:

Though the architecture used entirely and majorly for the religious purposes, it has few remarkable architectures to look and to get astonished at, Taj Mahal(one of seven wonders of the world), the dome of the rocks, the blue mosque are some of most beautiful works in the Islamic architectural style.

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