BuiltArchi is an architectural blog that focuses on helping young and upcoming architecture students in their day to day academic curriculum. Various formats are available for the students and intrigued minds to see and download drawings. These were made using AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, V-ray, etc.

Our story

We joined architecture back in 2015 and since then this field has shown us immense fascination. It truly has no bounds when it comes to the vast possibilities of design. As we progressed ahead with our semesters we came across designs, drawings, and plans that were flabbergasting.

However, there were not many platforms that allowed students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees to share their work and even see other’s work. So we wanted to make a platform where the ongoing projects done by a student was not only seen but publicized as well. To put it very bluntly it would be “a platform by the students for the students”. Someone makes a 20-acre project it will be showcased, someone makes a 20m2 project it would be put up as well. And the best part is these projects would not be something way too far fetched something that only learned professionals would understand. Anyone with basic knowledge about architecture would be able to grasp them.

We are sure that various blogs are trying to help architecture students build their knowledge but we believe it is important to give them and show them something that they can familiarize themselves with, which would ultimately make their minds clear of any doubts and help them proceed further.

We are motivated to help young and upcoming architects with their daily work that focuses on a curriculum and sometimes is hard to follow through. One-click and the student would find works similar to his or her and can instantly make parallels and have a thorough understanding.